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T158 B83(C) W58 H85




Long black hair and big black eyes!! This girl is an Asian beauty. Men always love this type of sexy voluptuous body, don’t you? She has to learn English more, but she has already got repeaters for her devoted attitudes. (Sato) Her body is so erotic, and her smile is so beautiful. Well-kept beautiful long black hair… how can we stop touching it? Men can melt in body to body session with that body!! (Sugi) She has a clear-cut face. She is a beautiful girl! However, her smile is so innocent that you would want to hug. And her soft body assures heavenly feeling with that alone. (Ito)


Hello , I'm Sayoko I cannot speak English but studying English now. I’m dreaming to visit, or experience the long-stay, in different countries someday. I’ve never go outside of Japan, so please tell me about your home county, famous places, great foods from your county or wonderful places you have been. I would like to get your advice so someday I can visit ;) I played trombone as member of Wind Ensemble Club in my middle school. For high school, I played saxophone for first half year and played bass guitar for two years and half in my band that I made with my friends. I love any kind of music including classical music. If you have your favorite CD or Artist, please let me know I definitely try it! For exercising, I run three days a week. I’ve never participate any kind of running events before, so I would like to run for it in Japan and overseas. I’m living in Kyoto, so if you are coming to Kyoto in any chance I can introduce great places for visitors and my favorite restaurants in Kyoto.

難波・日本橋のデリヘルならJapanese Escort Girls Clubに在籍する『Sayoko』さんがお薦め

難波・日本橋エリアを出発地とするデリバリーヘルス『Japanese Escort Girls Club』に在籍する人気風俗嬢の『Sayoko』さんは、年齢24歳、身長158cm、バスト83cmのCカップ、ウエスト58cm、ヒップ85cmの魅力的なスタイルを持つ風俗嬢として登録されています。
そして『Japanese Escort Girls Club』のスタッフがお薦めするデリヘル嬢には必ず店長のコメントなどもしっかりと記載しているだけに極上のデリヘル嬢と出会うコツはフィーリングやタイミングだけでなく事前のチェックや早期予約だと言われています。
難波・日本橋でのデリヘル遊びで『Japanese Escort Girls Club』が自信を持ってお薦めする『Sayoko』さんだけに気になったらまずはお店へ気軽に電話して問合せをしてみる事がポイント、人気のデリヘル嬢から最大限の前向きな接客を受けたい場合は指名料金だけはケチっては絶対いけませんよ♪

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